Valentina Tageo
Valentina Tageo Founder & Director
Alessandro Corsello
Alessandro CorselloFinancial & Project Manager
Francesco Camonita
Francesco Camonita Researcher & Project Manager
Georgia Karyami
Georgia KaryamiProject Manager
Sofia Rossi
Sofia Rossi Project Manager & Climate Change/Sustainability Consultant
Eleonora Drago
Eleonora DragoPsychologist & Researcher
Corrado Paternò Castello
Corrado Paternò Castello Project Manager & Business Consultant
Federica Fassi
Federica Fassi Researcher & Social Worker


Valentina Tageo, Founder & Director

Valentina graduated in Economics, obtained a Master in European Project Management and she is currently a MSc candidate in Population Health Sciences. She has multiannual experience in international project management and proposal writing under several R&I funding programmes.

Her fields of interest and research are digital health and care, social innovation and digital transformation of public services with a focus on building smart, liveable and healthy cities.

In the last 11 years she has been working as Research Project Manager at different healthcare, research and industry organizations (e.g. Polytechnical University of Milan, IESE Business School, Badalona Serveis Assistencials, Ab.Acus srl among others) and providing consultancy services to public administrations and non-profit entities.

Currently, she is the Dissemination and Communication manager of the ALAMEDA project overseeing stakeholder engagement and use case scenario assessment. She has been the project manager of the 3-years RRI MULTI-ACT project, authored successful grant proposals and delivered socio-economic studies for public authorities and European institutions such as the European Economic and Social Committee.

She is providing services and innovation support to local authorities and is the Lead Expert for the Urban Innovation Actions (UIA) project GAVIUS.

At ECHAlliance she has been the International Projects Director for three years. Among others, she has been the Dissemination and Exploitation Leader of the H2020 projects, such as PULSE and SmartWork, and Dissemination Lead of the IMI2 Gravitate-Health project.

Alessandro Corsello, Financial and Project Manager

Alessandro is a Financial and Project Manager with a Bachelor Degree in Economics and a Master Degree in Business Administration focused on Corporate Governance and Business Planning. Prior to join Wise Angle, Alessandro worked for Deloitte Italy and Moore Stephens Ireland, where he dealt with accounting advisory and business tax consultancy, mainly related to direct taxes and VAT matters.

He was also involved in activities directed at the evaluation of the companies’ accounts consistency, assets and liabilities as well as the identification of potential areas of risk threatening assets, earning capacity and organizational success. He was also involved in the preparation of statutory financial statements and subsequent and inherent corporate disclosure and documents. He is skilled to perform quantitative analyses and produce financial and technical reports.

Francesco Camonita, Researcher & Project Manager

PhD in Geography and European Studies, MA in European Integration, BA in International Relations. Francesco holds wide expertise in the field of EU institutions and European Public Policies (particularly under cohesion and European Territorial Cooperation) consolidated through 9+ years working in Spanish Universities as researcher, lecturer and research support specialist (RECOT Network at Autonomous University of Barcelona; Barcelona Center for European Studies at Pompeu Fabra University). He has developed competences in project management, policy analysis, scientific writing and public speaking at the national, EU and international level. He has a genuine interest in innovation technologies.

Georgia Karyami, Project Manager

Georgia holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics obtained at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece) and an Erasmus Mundus Master’s degree in Health Economics and Management, which was jointly taught by Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands), University of Oslo (Norway), and Management Centre Innsbruck (Austria). Georgia has previous experience in EU project management, research, policy analysis, and stakeholder mapping related mainly to the health and care ecosystem. Her fields of interest include digital health and literacy, digital innovation technologies, green health and literacy, as well as the health and care workforce.

Eleonora Drago, Psychologist and researcher

Eleonora is a licensed psychologist and Gestalt psychotherapist. She lives and works in Rome and has been involved in private practice since 2010. She works with adult clients and adolescents struggling with personality disorders, panic attacks, anxiety, depression and eating disorders. She also works with children and issues surrounding adoption. Recently, she started offering therapeutic support to clients struggling with issues that arise when moving to a foreign country, with students, workers and immigrants. She collaborates with the Istituto di Gestalt H.C.C. Italy and its Centro Clinico. She’s a consultant of the Centro Studi of the Italian Board of Psychologists.

During the last year she has been committing to the study of psychological suffering caused by pandemic distress and to the treatment of the related affected patients.

Federica Fassi, Researcher & Social Worker

Federica is a researcher and a social worker. She collaborates with several non-profit associations in Milan (Italy) in the field of intercultural and migrant reception policies. She holds a Master in European Project Management, a Master’s degree in Anthropology of Migration from Bicocca University (Milan) and extensive knowledge of migration policies. From 2016 to 2020 she has been Vice President of the Movimento Africa 70 NGO. Her skills in welfare and participation policies have matured in field experience in several projects that she has coordinated during her professional life. She has worked as Social Worker in the House of Detention Milano-Bollate as well as Community Worker for women victims of trafficking. She has been also delivering specific training modules and educational programs at schools and universities, targeting mostly migrant, women and minors. Active in the construction and consolidation of social networks, she is a founding member and president of the Community Cooperative UhMà #genitorinmovimento, promoting neighbourhood sociality and outdoor education. 

Corrado Paternò Castello, Project Manager & Business Consultant

Corrado has gained expertise in business consulting and management in the field of sustainability and social impact, working 4 years as corporate social responsibility consultant and managing a project in sustainable agriculture funded by the European Union. Recently, he has been working as project officer for two projects managed by the Municipality of Milan, on climate change and food systems and on social welfare in suburban neighborhoods. Today he is founder and coordinator of Boniviri, an innovative agrifood startup based in Sicily, and he works as a consultant and project manager for public and private organizations in the field of sustainability, social innovation and social entrepreneurship.​

Sofia Rossi, Project Manager & Climate Change/Sustainability Consultant

Sofia is a project manager and environmental professional specialized in climate change and natural resources management. She holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in environmental and Land Planning Engineering from Politecnico di Milano. She worked as Climate Change & Sustainability consultant at EY, where she developed a solid expertise in advising multinational corporations for assessing and mitigating their environmental and social impacts. She further developed her managerial and technical expertise by working as project manager of a regional ENI CBC Med project on energy efficiency and renewable energy in Jordan, and by leading the development and implementation of a technical assistance project to the Jordanian government institutions on policies and strategic planning for efficient and climate-friendly access to cooling.

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