Our mission is to boost the adoption, adaptation and transfer of the results of scientific research and technological innovation
in response to the challenges that modern communities are facing.

We offer research and consultancy services to public and private organizations working across a wide range of areas:
Health and Social Care, Education, Rights and Inclusion, Urban Policies, Science for Society, Climate Change & Sustainability.

We guide our clients towards a perfect match between their project idea and the most adequate source of funding at EU level.
Likewise, we also provide for European Project Management services ranging from specific Work Packages including
Administrative tasks and Communication & Dissemination Execution.


Lovely to be in Coimbra today with the full team and many friends and colleagues from all over Europe to kick off @OneAquaHealth🤩

5 cities, lots of experts & an exciting challenge ahead of us: how to protect healthy urban aquatic ecosystem to promote #OneHealth #HorizonEU https://t.co/7rbaDClKMj
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🗓️Our #ErasmusPlus project #STEP_UP joins forces w/ the @EITHealth project #Science4Pandemics to discuss about digital #learning tools & #gamification for #health crisispreparedness
When▶️25/01/2023 16:00 CET
Register▶️ https://t.co/w8Cw9Abt4u
#Covid_19 #Tech4Good #CitizenScience https://t.co/KlfK6nhBzN
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📌How #COVID19 and the international #Ukraine️ crisis impacted European #SMEs?
📌Which sectors were the most affected and the most resilient?
📌What policies can help SMEs emerge stronger?

Check our new @EU_EESC STUDY💡with #SHINE2Europe and @INSME_ ➡️ https://t.co/2X6rJ2tl9M https://t.co/9snFllpKW3
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🤩We are looking forward to meeting in person our friends of the @EUErasmusPlus #STEP_UP tribe next 27-28 June and hosting the Transnational Project Meeting at our premises @BCNHealthHub 👏👏

In the meantime, curious about what we did so far? Check the latest #newsletter⬇️ https://t.co/YcD4gH9BLR
Thrilled to attend the Annual #FISM2022 Scientific Congress with our @AISM_onlus colleagues and partners in several initiatives and #EUprojects such as @alameda_project

#HealthForAll #digitalhealth #brainhealth #livingwithMS #patientengagement https://t.co/xGSp7q57ka
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Thank you @BCNHealthHub for the super warm welcome! Eager to get involved in the community and so happy 😊😊 to be finally back from remote working in such a wonderful workplace🧑‍💻👩‍💻👨‍💻
Looking forward to help build what we love the most: #EU R&I collaboration bridges 🇪🇺 https://t.co/7Gk26OzhJS


We think that innovation must make a step beyond taking stock of the S&T advances to spur development and economic growth.
To us innovation means responsibility.
We believe in innovators who aim to serve citizens, improve their health and quality of life, promote inclusion and safeguard the environment. We back people working in digital and social innovation to make their projects real.

Health and Social Care organizations want to steer the development and accelerate the adoption of innovative solutions to improve of the health status and the quality of life of citizens.

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The digital world is increasingly penetrating the education and skills domain, with technology gradually being used to deliver education, knowledge and skills in new and innovative ways.

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We research into the effects and causes of social exclusions and encourage service providers to innovate and adapt their services in order to meet the needs of people who are or are at risk of being socially excluded.

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Cities are increasingly shaping the economic and cultural life of our societies, thus we back them to take the best advantage from digital transformation and social innovation by helping local administrators design and implement their strategies and innovation policies as well as measure and interpret their impacts.

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Forward looking societies must adopt successful R&I policies and investments to take care of the future of their citizens. We believe that making R&I accountable to its stakeholders and closer to its ultimate beneficiaries, the citizens, is the unique way to secure smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

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Climate Change, Sustainability Issues and Green Transitions are quickly becoming fundamental issues for research and project development. They are fundamental topics conditioning the future of humanity and policy-making for generations to come. Our expertise covers European socioeconomic issues related to the environment, as we help develop social science research on these topics at quali-quantitative level and support the development of project proposals at European level.

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