• Our staff members have proven track and knowledge to be considered experts in the framework of several European programmes, such as the European Research and Innovation funding (notably known as Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe),  the Learning and Exchange Programme Erasmus+ (also including Jean Monnet Activities) or the Urban and Regional Cooperation Instruments such as INTERREG, URBACT and Urban Innovative Action initiative.
  • We advise clients across Europe on how to design sustainable internationalization strategies and successfully apply for and manage EU grants and other types of public or philanthropic funding.
  • Our offer, that may vary case by case, usually includes a first phase of support in relation to the proposal preparation stage: after having assessed the strengths of your organisation, the innovativeness and solidity of the proposal concept as well as its fitting to your mission and strategic priorities, we facilitate your inclusion  in a consortium and support you in the proposal writing and in the definition of the role and the budget.
  • In the event that a lead partner is willing to coordinate an action, we deliver full technical, administrative and financial support from the idea conceptualization to the Grant Agreement preparation.
  • As second phase, in the event that the proposal is funded, we can support your organization in all the administrative tasks to be executed for signing the grant agreement with the funding institution.
  • We also offer our support to carry out the reporting activities with the European Commission, both financial (we perform an analysis of the documentation needed to claim the costs back, including the preparation of timesheets and getting things ready for audit checks) and technical.


Innovation Managing is  process which relies on a broad understanding of market, legal and policy issues, taking care of a wide range of activities inside both companies and individual projects:

  • It facilitates the knowledge exchange among partners by performing knowledge brokering and thus ensuring appropriate levels of trust within business departments or a consortium;
  • It helps in the definition of Intellectual Property Rights’ management policies;
  • It manages innovative outcomes of a company/project, preparing the ground for subsequent exploitation initiatives;
  • Pre-empts any risks (scientific, technical, legal or market-related) which could be threatening the successful exploitation of the outcomes, thus activating a focused interaction to identify appropriate mitigation plans;
  • It allows conducting preliminary market analysis, also exploring the possible business model for the implementation of innovative solutions. These preliminary activities will then feed into officially planned exploitation initiatives.


  • In the field of project management, we hold wide experience as Working Package Coordinator for Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation of European projects.
  • This means that WISE is capable of developing strategic plans for visibility and widespread dissemination of projects and companies (i.e. Website design, Social Media creation and management, etc.) as well as the elaboration of strategic planning documents (i.e. stakeholder engagement strategies, public outreach, capitalisation of activities, etc.)
  • In addition, we also provide  our support to the creation and development of small and/or large-scale events. These services aim at the identification of the target audience and the coordination of the content-related, technical, and logistic aspects needed to prepare, deliver and assess the impact of the event. The process of planning and coordinating the event includes activities such as preparation of budget, scheduling and site selection. We also support you with acquiring necessary permits, agenda setting, arranging for speakers and facility management such as audiovisual support and catering.


  • Socio-economic research – with applied qualitative and quantitative methods – is one of our most important activities.
  • Our strong background and analytical thinking offer our clients the possibility to gather well-performed analysis and key findings that target their demand.
  • Through our expertise in European integration and European socioeconomic affairs, we provide a scientific approach to study development through the elaboration of research questions and relative hypotheses and objectives.
  • Our research builds upon theory-backed frameworks which are then tested through the application of a rigorous fieldwork. Recent experiences in this regard are our awarded studies commissioned by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).
  • Our skilled and experienced team of professionals guarantee high-standard results spanning over multiple research fields and support our client quickly and efficiently.


  • Stakeholder engagement is central for research and innovation to ensure that planned or funded actions are relevant and address key concerns for policy-makers, practitioners and the public.
  • This involves eliciting needs and providing input into the acceptability of research methods and tools as well as measuring its societal return. Such input increases the success of interventions, for example, by providing contextual information that can either impede or facilitate implementation.
  • It has been verified that Research is more likely to be embedded in policy and practice when it is planned and conducted in conjunction with stakeholders, leading to enhanced research impact.
  • As such, the creation and development of projects thus requires the active participation of entire communities and capacities to select and apply the most appropriate methods for consultation and engagementIn this context, we offer and manage the entire engagement process either as a stand-alone service or as part of wider projects. This would include:
  1. identification and mapping of stakeholders;
  2. design and implementation of strategies and plans for the activities of engagement, consultation, management and communication;
  3. organization of meetings, workshops and focus groups;
  4. dynamization of online communities, ecosystems and living labs;
  5. social and market research.


  • Whether being involved in the management and development of EU projects or being commissioned a socioeconomic study, Wise Angle’s vision is always oriented towards the conversion of intellectual outputs into tangible instruments supporting decision-making and implementation.
  • Our expertise in European Multilevel Governance at public level (from EU to local level), coupled with advanced stakeholder mapping competences in focus areas we dedicate our activities to, allow us to understand and define essential content for thematic policy-making and the most appropriate territorial/sectoral level for action.
  • Furthermore, Wise Angle’s belief is that policy recommendations should always be presented in a systematic way so that short-term suggested actions can be distinguished by medium and long-term suggestions in order to prompt the desired political actions from the involved institutions.