Smart Living Homes Whole Interventions Demonstrator for People at Health and Social Risks

Period: 2019-2023

Funding institution: European Commission – H2020

Client: ECHAlliance CLG


Large scale pilot with more than 35.000 users, focused on the development of a platform to support and connect health professionals, with older adults and their communities, to improve their lifestyles and independent living. By 2022, GATEKEEPER will be embodied in an open source, European, standard-based, interoperable and secure framework available to all developers, for creating combined digital solutions for personalised early detection and interventions. GATEKEEPER will demonstrate its value by scaling up towards the deployment of solutions that will involve ca 40.000 elderly citizens, supply and demand side (authorities, institutions, companies, associations, academies) in 8 regional communities, from 7 EU member state. ECHA will support the dissemination and communication activities, using its various channels, providing also stakeholder engagement expertise.

WISE ANGLE role: as third party of ECHAlliance CLG carries out tasks related to the dissemination, communication and exploitation activities.