Stop epidemic growth through learning

Period: 2021-2023

Funding institution: European Commission – ERASMUS+


Learning from the difficulties that countries have encountered with fighting COVID-19, STEP-UP intends to develop a training tool for target groups such as social care professionals, community leaders, informal caregivers and volunteers, where they are introduced to the actual impact of behaviours in the spread of a pandemic/emergency situation and these are prepared to deal with such emergency situations in the future.
The core of this tool will be an educational game where the aim will be to stop a pandemic from spreading. A list of measures will be displayed and the players need to learn about them in order to be able to choose those that would help to impede the virus spread minimising the negative impacts on the economy and increasing societal acceptance.

WISE role: FULL PARTNER – CO-LEADER of IO2: main task will be related to the preparation of the manual for policy recommendations that will be easy to access and to use by stakeholders.