Capitalisation action – Fight urban deprivation: a local pact pilot

Period: 2018

Funding institution: ERDF URBACT (horizontal capitalization actions)

Client: Barcelona City Council


Amount: 14,175 Euro

URBACT enables cities to share good practices and lessons learned with all professionals involved in urban policy throughout Europe, building knowledge and know-how from the direct experiences with systematic capitalisation and communication processes. Barcelona City Council participated, together with the city councils of Lille, Berlin and Lodz and experts from the URBACT and Urban Innovative Action programmes, to a capitalisation workshop held with the aim of discussing on the need to take action towards the reduction of territorial disparities and fight urban deprivation.

WISE role: Preparation and coordination of the workshop; Contact point between the City Councils involved and the URBACT Managing Authority; Catering, venue and logistics arrangements; preparation of the background paper illustrating the Barcelona case and experience.