STEP_UP Project Activity: “Train the trainers to STEP_UP!” 


Right after some WISE holidays, we  were glad to host partners’ staff from the STEP_UP consortium to develop the Short Term Joint Staff Training at our newest premises in the Barcelona Health Hub!

Participants of the first short term training events are the key personnel members of the partner organisations, who will present the training courses in local languages during the national multiplier events. The group of participants reflected the multidisciplinary approach of the STEP_UP project, as it includes social science researchers affiliated to University, consultants, adult educators and public functionaries related to health policy.

The participants were led through a short introduction of the project and a much more detailed list of sessions guiding future trainers through the modules and content of the project. There was also a section particularly dedicated to the execution of workshops and multipliers alongside discussion spaces leading to constructive feedback for the intellectual outputs of the project.

Once again, we have been glad to develop another one of the activities envisioned by the project and for hosting the staff of our partner organisations!

Looking forward to the finalisation of the STEP_UP online game (currently in Alpha mode), the Manual on Pandemic Health Measures and the Trainer Toolkit for conducting related workshops.

Stay tuned for more news!

The WISE Team



Edit by November 2022:

Check out the latest video produced by the STEP_UP partners to understand more about the game and project concept!