The overall goal of the STEP_UP project is to create an interactive training tool to identify possible responses to pandemic outbreaks and to assess their impact on society and the spread of disease. STEP_UP means “Stop Epidemic Growth Through Learning“.

As part of our activities, the STEP_UP Consortium (including Wise Angle) has been assembling 5 Thematic Reports containing measures for different sectors directly involved in management and prevention of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The ultimate goal is to use such materials to produce a comprehensive Policy Manual of Social and Healthcare for practitioners and stakeholders.

Thus, the aim of this STEP_UP e-survey is to learn more from your experiences on working with the Coronavirus outbreak and the measures that were taken or recommended to contain the spread of the virus and the consequences of isolation.

The collected data will only be used for scientific purposes and the participation in the survey is voluntary.

Remember that:

  • The questionnaire will take about 10-15 minutes to complete.
  • You will remain anonymous throughout the process
  • The main language of the survey is English, but translation can be given upon request
  • It is directed at all professional categories affected by the project (i.e. municipality official, social caregivers, health personnel and administration) but can also be filled by volunteers and citizens


Link to the Survey 


Remember that you can find out more about the STEP_UP project by using the following link: