On February 23, 2021, an Erasmus+ partnership including Wise Angle and long-time partner SHINE 2 Europe  has been awarded with the European Project STEP_UP: Stop Epidemic Growth through learning.

STEP_UP is meant to develop a training tool (including a roleplaying game, a policy manual and materials for a learning workshop) destined to train social care and community stakeholders. Throughout the employment of project’s outputs, players are introduced to the impacts of a pandemic/emergency situation and trained, through gaming strategies, how to prevent and cope with them all. In addition, the project also includes a virtual library which will be an output of the deep literature review on existing practices for managing health emergency.

You can consult all the relevant information on the project through its own website: https://stepupgame.eu/

Wise Angle is an active partner of the project, as it helps developing the project’s intellectual outputs and it is responsible for partial testing of final outcomes. We are proud to make out own small contribution to learning and resilience towards future health crises!


The WISE team