Since June 2020, our CEO Valentina Tageo has been nominated as Lead Expert of the European Urban Innovative Action (UIA) GAVIUS – From reactive to proactive public administrations.

Lead Experts are important mentoring figures helping in the development of European Urban projects through their expertise. At the same time, they also develop their own intellectual outputs, advancing the debate on topics affiliated to the activities.

As a consequence, on April 12, 2021 our CEO Valentina has published a specialized web article (also available on PDF) on the subject of AI and digital technologies at the service of public administrations:

GAVIUS Journal #1: When AI Serves Common Good

Municipalities and local agencies are the forefront of digital transformation experimenting to use Artificial Intelligence and Data Anaytics to improve process efficiency and user satisfaction.
The GAVIUS project will create a virtual assistant for social aids and benefits, making easier for citizens to obtain the grants to which they are entitled in an efficient and personalised manner and provide local policy makers with access to the data and the indicators they need to better plan, allocate and manage resources.

As the project will continue over the next couple of years, WISE continues to collaborate with public administrations as to ensure the germination of technological innovation in public administration!


The WISE Team